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1st steps for the newbie.
21-12-2019, 11:53 PM
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RE: 1st steps for the newbie.
(21-12-2019 05:22 PM)glycer-rides Wrote:

Don't buy this, despite the title, it is for WMO (waste motor oil) We don't like that on here.

And neither do the HMRC , and it is such a highly carbonised fuel that it will trash your injectors too. All in all not a great place to go.

Xantia 2.1 td, Bosch VE, De cat, no EGR. Turbo screwed up, fuel adjusted to soot.
Various items of machinery from a 4.5l V8 to a 30cc genny with either spark plugs or injectors.
Remember all those people who said " Shouldn't you be wearing a mask?"
They were right.
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