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2-EHN dosage
17-05-2019, 12:10 PM
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RE: 2-EHN dosage
(17-05-2019 11:17 AM)glycer-rides Wrote:  On a 200 bhp common rail, bio's inherent 10% energy deficit vs. dino can be felt, I think.
Or yes, it's a placebo...

I have a noticeable difference on my Jeep 3.0crd with the Mercedes OM642.
Recently started dumping 100% bio into it where previously it had around 20-30 % diesel mixed with it plus 2ehn and this gave nice results .
Neat bio drives ok but seems like it runs out of puff at the top end a touch.

Bio and 2ehn restore that out of puff feeling ,although its the smoothest running engine I have ever had its hard to judge overall power loss as all the grunt is just off idle and power is instant, to be fair the things bloody quick

Diesel gives 10.9-11.2 lites /100km
20-30 % diesel /to bio gives 11.4 litres /100km
Biodiesel gives 11.9-12.2 litres /100 km , which I like to think is me driving it that bit harder because its cheaper.
Atrocious mileage due to low gearing
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21-05-2019, 02:20 PM
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RE: 2-EHN dosage
Many thanks guys.
Fleaby best place to buy it?

VW Passat B5 Estate 1.9tdi 130bhp 53 plate 2004 bought @92k miles 24/11/14 - now @147k miles - going okay so far on 100%.

Fiat Ducato Maxi 2.3L 2007 81K - 2K so far on 50/50 bio/dino.

Previous car - VW Passat B5 AFN 1.9tdi 110bhp P reg 1997 bought at 212,000 miles, taken off road at 317,000 miles - 105,000 miles on biodiesel over 8 years.
Scrapped by me. Was running 100% bio most of the time.
Best car I've had. Would have another AFN engined car!

Location - Huddersfield - West Yorkshire.
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21-05-2019, 07:45 PM (This post was last modified: 21-05-2019 07:46 PM by glycer-rides.)
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RE: 2-EHN dosage
One the other side, Hydra periodically ran 25% discounts where 5L was around £27, which was cheaper than ebay.
Here they are:

Location: N.E. London.
'83 Mercedes S123 240Td.
'98 Mercedes S202 C250Td.
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