Poll: Do you consider your own views to be more politically "right wing" or "left wing" (your own views - NOT who are you going to vote for!)
I think my views are more right wing.
I think my views are more left wing.
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poll - do you consider your views to be "left wing" or "right wing"?
06-05-2019, 12:37 AM
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RE: poll - do you consider your views to be "left wing" or "right wing&...
(09-05-2017 08:31 AM)GreezySpn Wrote:  
(08-05-2017 10:29 PM)CHUNDER Wrote:  That spock is as true as it gets .
As for greezy that is just provocative unless your opinion has been arrived at by in depth study of all available facts
and in the case of the not quite provable all available opinions .

Most peoples views and opinions are formed by their families and upbringing, along with a little of their experiences but rarely by looking for any intellectual calculated and thought through arguments.
Prejudice and bias are more powerful than sense and logic.

This is interesting and observable. The basic premise is that, as children, we observe the way our caretakers keep themselves and, more importantly, us alive. We also form perceptions of reality, who we are, who other people are and how the world is. This information forms the basics of our subconscious mind and gives us a 'survival strategy'. When we 'grow up' we tend to think that our decisions are made in the here and now, but this is rarely the case. Our motivation is always driven by the child we once were and 'our' way to stay alive. As far as the left and right are concerned, the left currently have a great victim culture, which I believe left wing politicians, and others, are using to their own advantage. I guess my very simple take would be; "I was born a woman in a male body and that's the way it is" or "I'm a male but I like dressing up and acting as a woman, I think it all stems from my mom keep asking me "why can't you be like your sister".

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