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Close shave this morning . . .
27-04-2013, 10:15 AM
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Close shave this morning . . .
[rquote=418173&tid=37027&author=paulp]Great little camera. Is it one just for the job?[/rquote]

Yes Paul, since being let down by our bullies in blue, I took it on my self to equip the car with cameras front and rear, just in case another tw@ hits me and then says I pulled out of a side road.

As for the comment about me \"driving in the middle of the road\". The road does not have a centre line, it is one of the widest roads in town and I was left of centre. Had I been any more to the left though, the tw@ would have hit my car, as it was, I had to reverse so he could carry on his stupid manoeuvre.

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27-04-2013, 12:18 PM
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Close shave this morning . . .
did you see pointless on Thursday there was a plod on there who didn\'t know what a consonant was FFS how did that *wat pass the exam ,mind you though he was a cok eny Grind[/rquote]

Oih, wachit, I\'m a c0ckney and I\'m fully aware of what constant means.

Don\'t tar us all wiv the same brush.

[Edited on 27-4-2013 by jamesrl][/rquote] consonant not constant you old trumpet blowing duffer :P Big Grin HippyPeace[/rquote]

I\'m not stupid y\'know, I had allowed for the fact that you can\'t spell constant.

Consonant, my arse, what sort of word is that?

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30-04-2013, 11:56 PM
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Close shave this morning . . .
In all fairness all drivers make mistakes, I know I do. It does appear that you could\'ve stopped much earlier and given him some space but chose to drive right up \"to make a point\".

Sure he should\'ve paid more attention but exercising some tolerance wouldn\'t go amiss either.

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01-05-2013, 06:04 AM
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Close shave this morning . . .

I\'ve had a car pull out on me causing me and a cyclist to make advasive action.

I had a kid on a bmx play chicken with me as he was pulling a wheelie comin straight for me.

Had a van poodling along in the outside lane of a dual carriage way he when pulls in, I pass him and he then keeps flashing his lights.
We then got to the next section of dual carriage way and he pulled out causing someone to lock up.

A car pulls out in front of me in a 60 limit and doesn\'t even accelerate.

Out with the wife car pulls out in front of me slams the brakes on and straddles the centre line I slowly pass the driver. She\'s on the f\'in phone!

I swear people had common sense a few years ago?

On the plus side I received an email from my car insurance company,
My no claims has finally been re-instated and their giving me a refund of 665 quid! Cool

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