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Full Version: Bosch VE pump parts
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I know a few folks on here have, or have had Landys and Pug turbos etc with the Bosch VE pumps so I thought I'd try me luck.Smiley-sport041

I'm trying to build up a hybrid Bosch VE pump for a Transit turbo engine. Big Grin

So I'm looking for some VE pump parts, the main part I need is the LDA top half of the pump (it looks like a Flying saucer) and Land Rover 200tdi and peugeot 306D turbo are two possible candidates (or if you have a VE pump with the LDA top from another turbo vehicle) but it must be from a turbo vehicle as other VE pumps have the flying saucer but its not boost pressure activated.

So has anyone got an LDA top pump half in reasonable condition sitting around that they don't need?

I will obviously repay postage costs.Big Grin

EDIT: Also need the camplate from a 200tdi ve pump
Hi Chug
I have a 300tdi pump, but it's been sat for about 4 years and was removed as it failed due to too higher rug blend.
So not sure if it'll be of any use but yours if you want it.

Message to self, I must chuck out some of the crap I've horded over the years.
Cheers Mark, but I dunno about the 300tdi, is it a Bosch VE with the lda top?

Edit: Mark if you have the pump no I can look it up?
Also just found out that the Rover/Montego has the correct LDA top too.

And forgot to say I would also like the camplate from a 200tdi bosch VE.
(18-01-2020 07:11 PM)Chug Wrote: [ -> ]Cheers Mark, but I dunno about the 300tdi, is it a Bosch VE with the lda top?

Edit: Mark if you have the pump no I can look it up?

I believe the 200 and 300 pumps are almost identical, changes I am aware of are the camplate profile was changed and the 200 had a grub screw that locked the pump when removed.
The pump I fitted when this one stopped working was a 200 and it run fine (for a landy).

I'll see if I can find it and give you the numbers in the next few days.
200 and 300 are the same, apart from the cold start advance thing on the 300 (which i cant even remember what it is) and the elecrickery bolted to the top of the 300 that would have been something to do with the EGR (or somthing like that - disconnected on the 300s ive seen, but still physically in place)

In short, Chug, Mark's pump will be fine for you.

my 300 tdi defender had a 200 pump on it - i stole it for another 300, IIRC

i get mixed up. i have a few here (im sorry, none fit for projects, theyre for when mine break and or i get the vehicals back on the road!) and dont keep track of which was from what, as, like i say, theyre all essentially the same.
there is a problem with using the top from another pump Peugeot Citroen xud pump, the throttle turns the opposite way.
so the internal lever that works on the internal throttle linkage is on the wrong side as a result.
Peugeot on the Right transit on the left.
[Image: 20200119-224957.jpg]
Cheers Julian, hopefully Mark's pump will have the parts I want then.

Cheers Jamie, I know if its a different rotating top and that I'll have to perform a throttle modifcation.
If I had to do this; I would first try just increasing the fuel on the main fuel screw, a quarter of a turn at a time, on the standard n/a pump.
If you then found the performance and smoke levels acceptable, it would save a considerable work, and possible breakage. You would then only have to reset the idle and max speed.

Anyway good luck with the project.
Cheers Old, I've been researching and members on the transit forum have built these pumps and confirm that they are quite an improvement with response and economy over just turning up the max fuel etc on a N/A pump.

I have a spare pump so I'll give it a go once I've collected the bits required and I can always go back to the N/A pump if no joy.
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