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Straight vegetable oil (SVO) use in road going vehicles.

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  There has been much debate as to the suitability of using vegetable oil in diesel engines and a considerable amount of confusion as to whether these oils can cause damage to engines. This database will help us decide which engines can be run successfully by looking at actual use on the road, as opposed to laboratory tests. We would like to identify vehicles that run particularly well by rigourous statistical analysis, which will be available free to all, on this page.

  Please feel free to add your own experiences of using vegetable or animal oils, whether good or bad, by clicking on the 'add new' text on the left. You may also search for your vehicle if you are considering using one of these fuels to see what success people have already had.

  Please note, do not add entries on this database for biodiesel (methyl ester of fatty acid triglyceride) - only straight vegetable oil (SVO) and straight animal oil.

  For those who want to conribute to the database, we have created a password protected data entry system to ensure that we get the best results. The password is FREE, all you need to do is send an email to : Fuels Database . Your password will return to you automatically, a short while later. Thankyou!

  Some initial conclusions: Lucas pumps are not performing well on high doses of vegetable oil. This pump should be avoided. Other problem areas are related to computer control systems (TDi, HDi, CDi etc.)which have an array of sensors reading temperature, flow rates etc. These sensors seem to get confused by the thick oil and instruct the fuel system to go into safe mode, resulting in loss of power. Some sensors seem to get completely destroyed by the oil, resulting in an expensive replacement pump. Another problem is with electric lift pumps which operate prior to the main pump; if these pumps fail the main pump can run dry and fail as well. Also, it seems that people are not very forthcoming if their vehicles have failed so we are more likely to here about the success stories than the failiures. One of the objectives of this database is to identify vehicles that have problems so that people need not repeat the same mistakes.

Graphical representation of results:
93% of vehicles are running fine
11% of vehicles have lucas pumps
25% of vehicles having lucas pumps are in trouble
42% of vehicles in trouble have lucas pumps
30% of vehicles have two tank systems
48% of vehicles have heated fuel systems
39% of vehicles utilise waste oil
Total number of vehicles in database= 367 The latest vehicle to sign in on the database is a citroen zx volcane td, which uses a bosche injector pump. It has done 30 miles on veg oil based on the percentage veg oil used in the tank.

Is the engine running OK? was

Comments: Car ran fine on filtered veg oil and svo.In summer it ran on 90% and it ran better than on diesel. Unfortunately had to scrap the car due to rear axle mot failure. I also ran a zx memphis td the same , but that got torched by vandals .

Total number of Mercedes vehicles in database= 35
Total number of Peugeot vehicles in database= 40
Total number of Fiat vehicles in database= 7
Total number of VW vehicles in database= 50
Total number of Isuzu vehicles in database= 6
Total number of Toyota vehicles in database= 24
Total number of Citroen vehicles in database= 39
Total number of Renault vehicles in database= 15
Total number of veg miles in database= 3,776,779
Vehicles with over 50,000 miles on veg oil:
A Mercedes 300TD has done 58,374 miles on veg oil!
A Mercedes benz 250 TD has done 62,100 miles on veg oil!
A VW Bus T2/3 has done 93,150 miles on veg oil!
A Ford Fiesta has done 66,500 miles on veg oil!
A Opel Corsa B Combo has done 76,500 miles on veg oil!
A AUDI AUDI -TDI has done 80,000 miles on veg oil!
A VW Golf III has done 65,205 miles on veg oil!
A Opel Astra 1.7D has done 60,237 miles on veg oil!
A VW Golf SDI has done 65,000 miles on veg oil!
A Opel Astra 1.9 TD has done 70,000 miles on veg oil!
A Isuzu trooper (jackaroo in australia) four wheel drive has done 51,000 miles on veg oil!
A vauxhall 1.7td van astra has done 75,000 miles on veg oil!
A Hino FB14 has done 78,000 miles on veg oil!
A Citroen ZX Citroen ZX aura has done 120,000 miles on veg oil!
A toyota 1hz has done 75,000 miles on veg oil!
A fiat ulysse has done 256,000 miles on veg oil!
A Toyota Hilux surf has done 120,000 miles on veg oil!
A Toyota Landcruiser HJ61 has done 55,890 miles on veg oil!