Biodiesel plant viability

Use this form to work out the viability of your biodiesel plant. The figures are reproduced in a printer friendly format.

How much will you pay for your methanol (per litre)?:
How much will you pay for your vegetable oil (per litre)?:
How much wages do you pay a week?:
How much is the rent you pay? (per month):
What is your annual insurance cost:
What is the expected interest rate? (percent):
What is the cost of the biodiesel plant?:
What is the cost of your sodium or potassium hydroxide? (per 25kg bag):
What is the current duty rate payable to customs? (per litre):
What is the VAT payable on biodiesel? (percent):
How much can you sell your biodiesel for? (per litre excluding VAT):
How much can you sell your glycerol for? (per litre excluding VAT):
What is the production capacity of your plant? (litre per shift):
How many shifts will you operate per day?:
What is your electricity cost per unit(KWh)?:
What is your water cost per litre?:
What is your currency?:

Your methanol cost is: 0.25 per litre
Your vegetable oil cost: 0.19 per litre
Your labour costs: 800 per week
Your rent costs: 700 per month
Your insurance costs: 6,000 per year
Interest rate: 5 percent
Your plant cost: 173,750
Hydroxide costs: 12 per bag
Duty payable on biodiesel: 0.271 per litre
VAT rate payable: 17.5 percent
The price at which you can sell biodiesel: 0.70 per litre excluding VAT
The price at which you can sell glycerol: 0 per litre excluding VAT
The production capacity of your plant is: 5,000 litres per 24 hour shift
The number of shifts per day is: 1
Your electricity cost is: 0.08 per unit (KWh)
Your water cost is: 0.001 per litre
Your currency is British pounds (sterling)

Now enter these figues in the boxes above and click on the calculate button below.

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